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Our Mission

The mission statement of the Fern Valley Water District board is to assure the sound management of Fern Valley water resources; to assure a dependable supply of quality water for Fern Valley’s present and future needs; to build trust and credibility with the citizens of this water district; and to educate the public on water management issues and encourage participation in water management decisions.


Objectives of the Fern Valley Water Resources Management Program:

  1. To develop and implement policy goals and objectives that will protect and assure continuing water storage rights with the State Water Resources Control Board, Division of Water Rights.
  2. To design and implement aggressive demand management programs that will conserve critical water supplies.
  3. To seek and develop new sources of surface and underground water so as to provide positive assurance that adequate, long-term water supplies for the welfare of this and succeeding generations will be available.
  4. To promote and protect Fern Valley’s interests and rights in interagency, state and federal actions that effect the Fern Valley State Water Board’s mission.
  5. To provide the public, the San Jacinto Mountain Area Water Study Board, the water boards of Idyllwild and Pine Cove, and state agencies with informative data, events, progress reports and action plans that will enhance interagency relationships and encourage commentary from the public to aid in sound water management decisions.